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PACS and EMR systems generate and manage medical images and related information, both for the individual departments such as radiology and other specialties such as cardiology, endoscopy, radiation therapy, as well as for the healthcare enterprise. These PACS and EMR systems are often used as a means to transition a film and paper based imaging environment into an electronic environment whereby images, results, as well as the longitudinal patient care record are generated and managed in a digital format. Professionals are needed to support these sophisticated and complex systems. These professionals need to be trained and keep up with new technologies and skill sets.

What does PARCA do?
PARCA does NOT provide training and/or education, however, its purpose is to develop criteria for the skills that are needed for these professionals, and also provide a certification for those people that have proven to meet those requirements.

How does PARCA do that?
PARCA is an independent organization, governed by a Board of Directors from the industry as well as providers, educators and consultants. These officers define the requirements and oversee the certification process.

Why not using existing trade organizations for this?
There is not a single trade organization that exclusively is dedicated to PACS and EMR administrators, although some of them are close (e.g. SIIM, HIMSS, AHRA, ARRT, ASRT). Our Board of Directors are also members of these organizations; we will keep an open dialogue with these professional organizations to explore any joint interest and potential mutual recognition of certifications.

How does the certification work?
PARCA offers three types of certifications. The exams are taken on-line.

New Exam
We are now offering a new exam, Certified DICOM Integration Professional (CDIP).
Special Offers
We are pleased to announce that PARCA members receive free ITN subscriptions.
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Latest Press Release
PARCA Adds New DICOM Certification