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Health care Imaging and IT Professional Certification through PARCA
Certification is valuable for healthcare imaging and IT (HIIT) professionals. Certification provides a roadmap for required skills and a baseline for evaluating available training programs, which can vary widely in terms of depth and scope of knowledge. The non-profit PARCA (PACS Administrators Registry and Certification Association) organization has provided this certification since early 2005. In 2012, the organization extended their certification program to cover not only departmental systems such as PACS, but also enterprise systems such as EMR’s. Several training institutions have adjusted their training programs to make sure all PARCA requirements are met and professionals are starting to use their titles (CPAS, CPSA, and CDIP).

As of 2012, over 1000 professionals have passed the various PARCA exams. To get certified, membership of PARCA is required. Since the beginning, close to 2000 members have signed up.

PARCA certification exams are taken on-line, which is one of the major reasons that it is ideally suitable to serve an international audience. The PARCA board reflects the intention to truly serve the international community as there are members from Australia, Canada and Singapore.

Certification will help HIIT professionals master new skill sets in a consistent manner and also provide a standard that can be used by organizations seeking to hire these professionals. In particular with many professionals today looking for a career change, the certification is a great mechanism to demonstrate acquired skills. These skills are a mix of clinical and IT, and, depending on the specialization, concentrating on troubleshooting, interfaces, workflow, implementation and architecture.

New Exam
We are now offering a new exam, Certified DICOM Integration Professional (CDIP).
Special Offers
We are pleased to announce that PARCA members receive free ITN subscriptions.
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PARCA Adds New DICOM Certification