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Certified PACS System Analyst (CPSA)

A summary of the requirements for the certification of a CPSA, or Certified PACS System Analyst are listed here. The requirements for the Systems Analyst focus on general understanding of the PACS components. There is a strong emphasis on understanding the clinical and workflow aspects of the System Administration functions. Achieving CPAS certification is a requirement for this certification.

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Summary of Requirements
1. PACS Overview
     1.1 PACS architecture and components
     1.2 Architecture
     1.3 Acquisition rate and typical data generation
     1.4 Communication
2. PACS Components, acquisition and viewing
     2.1 Image Acquisition
     2.2 CR/DR
     2.3 Image viewing general
     2.4 Workstation requirements
     2.5 Viewing functionality
3. PACS components, Image Archiving
     3.1 Archiving components
     3.2 Storage technology
     3.3 Exchange media
     3.4 ASP services
     3.5 DB integrity and maintenance
4. Integration
     4.1 Different levels of integration
     4.2 Modality Integration
     4.3 HIS/RIS/PACS integration
     4.4 Report Integration and Speech Recognition
     4.5 Electronic Health Record
     4.6 IHE
5. Workflow
     5.1 Workflow analysis
     5.2 Workflow tools
     5.3 Workflow issues
     5.4 CR/DR workflow
6. PACS System Administration
     6.1 Project management
     6.2 System Maintenance
     6.3 Image and Information Management (IIM)
     6.4 Continuity of care
7. Outside Radiology
     7.1 Cardiology
     7.2 Radiation therapy
     7.3 Nuclear Medicine
     7.4 Other clinical specialties
8. Security and patient privacy (HIPAA) requirements for PACS
     8.1 HIPAA requirements for PACS
     8.2 Implementation zones
     8.3 Administrative safeguards
     8.4 Physical Safeguards
     8.5 Technical safeguards
9. PACS Implementation
     9.1 The implementation process
     9.2 RFP components
     9.3 Economic justification
10. Miscellaneous
     10.1 FDA approvals
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