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Certified DICOM Integration Professional (CDIP)

Target audience: PACS system administrators, integration specialists, purchasing and specification agents, technical imaging professionals, informaticians, service engineers, software analysts and developers, advanced system administrators/managers

Objective: To support and evaluate DICOM connectivity, troubleshoot, perform system integration, and develop software and applications.

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Summary of Requirements
1. DICOM introduction and negotiation
      1.1 DICOM architecture and background
      1.2 Common issues
      1.3 Importance of Information model
      1.4 AE, SCU/SCP, FSR/FSC/FSU
      1.5 Negotiation; Presentation Context ID, Abstract Syntax, Transfer Syntax and Association Management
2. DICOM Messages and basic conformance
      2.1 SOP Class concept
      2.2 Composite (Image) Message Structure
      2.3 Data Elements
      2.4 Comparing conformance statements
      2.5 UML diagrams
3. DICOM Storage and image management Services
      3.1 Storage Service Class
      3.2 Important Storage Service Classes
      3.3 STC
      3.4 MPPS and IA
      3.5 MWL
4. DICOM Print, Query/Retrieve and Compression
      4.1 Print
      4.2 Print extensions
      4.3 Query/Retrieve-FIND
      4.4 Query/Retrieve-MOVE-GET
      4.5 Compression
5. DICOM Media
      5.1 Media specifications
      5.2 DICOM Part 10 files
      5.3 Application Profiles
      5.4 CD interchange issues
      5.5 DICOM media services
6. DICOM Image Quality and SR
      6.1 Pixel representation
      6.2 Image pixel pipeline
      6.3 GSDF
      6.4 Presentation State and overlays
      6.5 SR
7. DICOM VRís and detailed conformance
      7.1 Value Representations
      7.2 Specialization and privatization
      7.3 Attribute matching
      7.4 Gap Analysis
      7.5 SOP Specific behavior
8. DICOM networking
      8.1 Message structure in detail
      8.2 Set up and configure DICOM devices
      8.3 Sniffers and active test software
      8.4 Interpret logs and DICOM dumps
      8.5 Network Sniffer logs
9. DICOM Troubleshooting
      9.1 Send/receive TCP/IP Ping
      9.2 DICOM Verification (Echo)
      9.3 Send/receive test messages
      9.4 Send/receive images with different SOP Classes and Transfer Syntaxes
      9.5 Modify image headers and anonymization
10. New DICOM developments
      10.1 For Processing and Presentation Images
      10.2 Enhanced CT, MR, XA, RF, ophthalmology (OCT) and Digital Breast Tomosynthesis group of SOP Classes
      10.3 Unified Worklist and Procedure Step definition (UPS)
      10.4 Pathology
      10.5 DICOM protocol over the internet (DICOMWeb)

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