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Certified PACS Associate (CPAS)

A summary of the requirements for the certification of a CPAS, or Certified PACS Associate are listed here. The focus is on general technical and clinical understanding. This certification is achieved by passing the 2 exams listed below.
  1. CPAS-Technical: Individuals are able to demonstrate their knowledge of general technical skills related to Imaging Informatics.
  2. CPAS-Clinical: Individuals are able to demonstrate their knowledge of general clinical skills related to Imaging Informatics.
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A. Technical Requirements
1. Computer Basics
     1.1 Hardware
     1.2 Software
     1.3 CPU
     1.4 Memory
     1.5 Disk Technology
     1.6 IP / MAC Addresses
     1.7 Exchange media
2. Operating System Basics
     2.1 Unix
     2.2 Windows
     2.3 DOS prompts
3. Database Basics
     3.1 Hierarchical, relational, object databases
     3.2 Basic SQL Knowledge
4. Data Representations
     4.1 Binary data format
     4.2 Bits, bytes
     4.3 Hexadecimal
     4.4 Signed/unsigned data
     4.5 Floating point
     4.6 Monochrome, RGB
5. Networking Technology
     5.1 WAN/LAN, T1, ISDN, DSL
     5.2 Internet (http, url, domains)
     5.4 Ethernet, TCP/IP
     5.5 Packet switching, circuit switching
     5.6 Throughput, bandwidth
6. Basic Security Concepts
     6.1 System security in general
     6.2 Authentication
     6.3 Authorization
     6.4 Confidentiality
     6.5 Integrity

B. Clinical Requirements
1. Basic medical terminology
2. Basic human anatomy
3. Radiology Imaging basics
     3.1 Principles of different modalities CR, DR, XR, XA, RF, US, MR, NM, CT
     3.2 Basic operational procedural knowledge of computer radiology equipment
     3.3 Image characteristics for each modality
     3.4 Positioning and viewing techniques and terminology
     3.5 QA / QC
     3.6 Collimation versus shuttering
4. Typical process flow ("Completing the exam cycle")
     4.1 Physician order
     4.2 Performance of exam
     4.3 Results reporting ,dictation & speech recognition
     4.4 Remote system access for image viewing
5. How to handle prior exams & outside exams
     5.1 Film & digitization
     5.2 Import CD's

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